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We are creative family, living eco life in Bali. So all our projects are related to the topic off leaving a zero waste trace on the Earth. Inspiring people to reduce "single use plastic" we come closer to make our life less toxic for future generations. By cleaning the soil and the ocean - we save lives today and in the future.


Living in Bali we've been inspired by the purity of ocean. So we couldn't leave our dreams of non-plastic world any more. We thought about what we can do right now. Solution came immideatly and we created multi-use eco string bottle.

Multi-use string bottle can be taken with you wherever you go and refiled. It helps to keep the planet clean by no plastic use.

String bottle

30% of each profit we invest in recycling, modernization, reducing, reduction of plastic pollution in Bali.

Nets as backpacks and over the shoulder make easy to carry your favorite bottle, thermose or speaker, so your hands are free.

String holder

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